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Application Name: Mushroom Wars / Mushroom Wars Mini
Current Version: 1.5
Itunes Url: Mushroom Wars
Itunes Url: Mushroom Wars Mini

GameSave for Non-Jailbroken and Jailbroken.

-- Unlock campaign maps pack

Best Chart Rankings
#1 in Strategy Games (iPhone) on May 18, 2013
#6 in Action Games (iPhone) on May 18, 2013
#10 in Top Games (iPhone) on May 17, 2013
#14 in Top Apps (iPhone) on May 18, 2013

1 - Download the game save backup at Download files and extract it.
2 - Logout of Game Center, Close the game, even from multitask.
3 - Put the documents folder in the 「MushroomWars\Documents」 using (iFile, DiskAid, iFunBox...) or other apps.
4 - It will ask you to replace the old documents folder, do so.
5 - Launch the game and Don't load save from iCloud.