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Experience the excitement of bench clearing.
Even if you are poor at baseball, it's OK. Knock out all over then you will win mentally.
Spectators will be excited at fighting of your team that rushed out together zealously .
Win the battle hiring various and individual mercenaries.
Enhance capability of your players conducting various training game.
Feel thrilling of victory operating 20 players with a simple touch.
Victory trophy is already yours.

Application Name: Bench Clearing
Current Version: 1.0
iTunes Url:
Size: 41.0 MB

- 19 kinds of hot and strong unique technique
- 15 kinds of useful weapon

- Turn the game to your advantages summoning 10 kinds of big fans.
- Complete strong composition purchasing 10 kinds of mercenary.

- Train your players through 18 kinds of mini games.
- Upgrade your team with victory bonus.
- Lift lock of new training game upgrading train facilities.
- All the players can be upgraded with 10 kinds of new hat. - Upgrade all of them.

- While we have no game, enjoy games of other team and won money gambling.
- You are lack of money? The bank of HooAh Dev are providing various loan and fund! Increase your wealth aggressively!

GameSave for Non-Jailbroken and Jailbroken.
  • 8882513 Coins
  • 882513 Gems

  1. Download the game save backup at Download files and extract it.
  2. Delete and reinstall the app.
  3. Logout of Game Center, Open the app till you get to the menu, then close the app from the multitask.
  4. Put the documents folder in the 「Bench Clearing/Library」 using (iFile, DiskAid, iFunBox...) or other apps.
  5. It will ask you to replace the old documents folder, do so.
  6. Launch the game and don't load save from iCloud.