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From Ensemble Studios , the creators of Age of Empires and The Age of Kings, comes Age of Mythology, a revolutionary game that transports players to a time when heroes did battle with legendary monsters and the gods intervene in the affairs of mortal men. Features 9 legendary civilizations, plus Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies each has distinct civilizations and gods. Use heroes, mythological units and god powers to add new strategic dimensions to your mortal forces.

Options for Age of Mythology: Extended Edition v1.10.3104 +8 Trainer

F1 > Active Trainer
F2 > Disable Anti-Cheats
F3 > Inf. Health
F4 > Inf. Food
F5 > Inf. Wood
F6 > Inf. Gold
F7 > Inf. Favor
F8 > Inf. Population
F9 > Instant Recruiting

by MrAntiFun