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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 is a new Final Fantasy adventure that gives the player direct control over iconic heroine Lightning in a constantly moving, expansive environment, on a quest to save a doomed world from complete destruction. How will you spend your final days?

Final Fantasy XIII for Steam Version 1.0 +13 Trainer

Options for Final Fantasy XIII v1.0 +13 Trainer

F1 - Enable/Disable Trainer
F2 Unlimited Health
F3 No ATB Consumption
F4 Fast Chain Gauge Charge
F5 Unlimited Chain Gauge Time
F6 Freeze Enemies In Battle
F7 Unlimited TP
F8 Fast Kill
F9 Unlimited Eidolon SP And Fast Gestalt Charge
F10 Unlimited Gestalt Points
F11 Stealth
F12 Unlimited Items
3 Unlimited CP
4 Unlimited Gil

by YelloTrainer