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How to Survive puts players in the center of the action as someone who, after an accident, finds themselves on an island amidst a small archipelago off the coast of Colombia … but there are other inhabitants. In order to make it through the day and night, gamers must learn to fulfill the most basic of needs, such as seeking food, water and shelter, as well as crafting dozens of tools and weapons from fishing rods to Molotov cocktails. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by a zombie-infested archipelago!

Game Version Specific's: How To Survive - Steam Full Final release!

Options for How to Survive v20141012 +10 Trainer

HOME Key - Trainer Activation HotKey!

F1 - Infinite Health
F2 - Infinite Stamina
F3 - No Hunger
F4 - No Thirst
F5 - No Tiredness
F6 - Infinite Ammo
F7 - Infinite EXP/Points
F8 - Infinite Skill Points

Number 8 ~ Store Location
Number 9 ~ Teleport
Number 0 ~ Undo Teleportation

by LinGon