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How Far Will You Go For Rome? The definitive edition of the best-selling strategy game Total War Rome II, the Emperor Edition contains everything the original Rome II did, plus much, much, more. Alongside numerous improvements to performance and gameplay and all additional free content releases since the launch of Rome II (including four bonus playable factions), the Emperor Edition introduces an improved politics system, refined unit balancing and new building chains. Also includes a free download of the brand new expansion, the Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack, which drops players into the outbreak of the great Roman civil war that gave rise to the first emperor. As Octavian, Marc Anthony and Lepidus clash for supremacy, how far will you go to ensure a lasting peace?

Options for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition v2.0.0 Build 14116 +15 Trainer

F1 > Active Trainer A1
F2 > Soldiers Movement A2
F3 > Money
F4 > Agents Movement
F5 > Public Order
F6 > Generals Stats - Age
F7 > Attrition
F8 > Ammo
F9 > Troops Size After Battle
F10 > God Mode
F11 > Mercenaries Available
F12 > Population
Num 7 > Army Reinforcement
Num 8 > Research
Num 9 > Construction
Num 0 > In.Food

by MrAntiFun