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Watch Dogs is an open-world action adventure game from Ubisoft where you must use any means at your disposal to take down a corrupt system.

Options for Watch Dogs v1.05.324 +27 Trainer

Home Key > Trainer Activation
F1 > Infinite Health
F2 > Infinite Focus
F3 > Infinite Batteries
F4 > Infinite Ammo
F5 > NO Reload
F6 > Set Cash/Money
F7 > Add Skill Points
F8 > Increase XP
F9 > Add Levels
F10 > Min Reputation
F11 > Max Reputation
F12 > Increase Spider Tank Energy
INSERT > One Hit Kill
END > NO Radar Detection
DELETE > Low Detection Level
PAGE UP > Mega Mode
PAGE DOWN > Mini Mode
CTRL+I > NO Mission Detection
CTRL+H > Super Speed
CTRL+J > Vehicle Health
CTRL+K > Digital Trip Time
CTRL+L > Mini Side Game Time

CTRL+UP > Store Location
CTRL+RIGHT > Teleport
CTRL+LEFT > Undo Teleportation

CTRL+P > Teleport To WayPoint
CTRL+O > Undo WayPoint

By Lingon