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Welcome to Los Perdidos Set 10 years after the events in Fortune City players are taken to the massive open and infected world of Los Perdidos while being immersed in action and stunning visuals.

Game Version Specific's: Dead Rising 3 retail steam v1.5.0

Options for Dead Rising 3 v1.5.0 +26 Trainer

HOME Key - Trainer Activation HotKey!

Num 1 - Infinite Health
Num 2 - Infinite Buddy Health
Num 3 - Infinite Stamina
Num 4 - Infinite Ammo
Num 5 - Infinite Explosives
Num 6 - Add Zombie Kills
Num 7 - Set 0 Zombie Kills
Num 8 - Set High / Leval & PP Amount
Num 9 - Add Attribute Points
Num 0 - Infinite Weapons/Items Durability
J Key - Increased Damage
I Key Infinite Abilities
O Key Freeze Side Mission Time
P Key - Toggle Time
K Key Kick Ass Mode
L Key - Reset Attribute Points
M Key - Mini You
N Key - Stealth/Invisible
B Key - Instant Weapon Combine
End Key - Freeze Mission Timer
Delete Key - Reset Player Level & PP Amount
Page Up Key - Speed Up
Page Down Key - Bullet Time

F10 Key - Store Location
F11 Key - Teleport
F12 Key - Undo Teleportation.

by LinGon