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According to Platinum Games, The Legend of Korra will be a third-person action game with players taking control of the titular hero. Tim Hedrick, a writer for The Legend of Korra TV series, is writing the story, which takes place between the show's second and third seasons. Players will use the Avatar's fire, earth, air, and water elements in combat to fight familiar enemies such as Mecha Tanks and Chi Blockers, as well as other Benders in the 3-on-3 Pro-Bending arena mode. This mode will be unlocked once you've beaten the game for the first time.

Game Version Specific's: The Legend Of Korra - steam v1.0

Options for The Legend Of Korra v1.0 +9 Trainer

HOME KEY - Trainer Activation -

F1 - Infinite Health
F2 - High Hit Points
F3 - Set Spirit Points
F4 - Infinite Hp - Naga
F5 - Infinite Gauge Cooldowns - Naga
End Key - Easy Takedowns
Insert Key - Infinite Jumps

Ctrl+Y - Air
Ctrl+U - Water
Ctrl+I - Fire
Ctrl+O - Earth

Number 8 - Store Location
Number 9 - Teleport
Number 0 - Undo Teleportation

by LinGon